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TransAtlantic Video Depositions UK & Europe

  • Digital video cameras with two-hour recording capability, minimizing disruptive tape changes
  • Simultaneous audio and video backups during every recording session
  • Ability to stream live video/audio and text to parties over the Internet during the deposition (on Special Order)
  • Peavy and Mackie stereo mixers to deliver best-quality end recordings
  • Individual lavalier microphones for witness and counsel plus a translator when present
  • Ability to provide a complete DVD to counsel at the end of the deposition
  • All post-production work handled in house
  • Video can be exported to multiple software platforms such as Sanction®, LiveNote® or Microsoft® PowerPoint®, among others (TBA)
  • All video is monitored for quality during the digitizing, synchronizing and duplication process and again prior to shipment
  • Full Editing Services
  • Multi Format duplication and conversion (Video & Audio)
  • Digitization & Synchronization (Coming Soon)


Our videographers have many years of experience and consistently update their technical skills and technology expertise, to ensure our clients always receive the highest-quality end product.

We provide the best videographers and equipment in virtually any location worldwide.

Each operator with shoots all legal video with state-of-the-art digital equipment and separately mixed Lavalier tie microphones for clear, crisp results that last.

As Legal videographers, we are professionals who understand that this is a legal proceeding and generally prefer to blend into the background.