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Meet The Team

Meet the team

David Ross Elliott

David Ross Elliott

Director – Videographer CDVS

David has been in the business of producing video for depositions all over the world for the past sixteen years. He is a perfectionist and insists upon the highest of standards. As the director of the company he oversees every assignment if he is not attending personally. He has been successful conquering every challenge on behalf of all clients be it legal or technical. David’s background combines both sides of the camera with 30 years in professional photography as well as presenting for television. He says, “Nothing comes before satisfying the client’s requirements”



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Mark Ross


Mark has been with TransAtlantic Video Depositions since it’s inception. He is an experienced executive and videographer, who’s added  literary skills make for a wonderful client liaison. He is the best person to talk through any plans, making the client feel secure about what they are getting.




Kyle Rolton

Videographer Tech Support

Kyle is our new addition to the team. He has a broad knowledge of film production along with performance skills. His cool temperament for the role in high pressure situations is a very valuable asset when it comes to troubleshooting the most complex of assignments. Now trained as a proficient legal videographer, he has a keen eye for detail which benefits our clients. He is our new hot technical whizz and is always looking for ways to make our systems better.



Nigel Christian

Nigel Christian

Videographer DP Editor

As well as an experienced cameraman, Nigel is our technical genius if these words serve him well enough. He’s the man who allows us to say yes to anything and everything a client may want. He has seen us through establishing moving forward with a HD business, while keeping us in play with all the normal formats from MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and DVD that our clients and the courts are accustomed to. Nigel’s background as a professional Director of Photography and Editor for film and television brings us a refined finished product.


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Jonathan Press


Master of numbers, Jonny has been the backbone behind TransAtlantic’s growth. When it comes to creative accounting to benefit the client he is instrumental. Jonny’s experience is priceless, with his background in producing and budgeting for Film and TV. He has added such value to the business because of his unique skill, making quotes so attractive. Clients just keep coming back. He is a pleasure to deal with and will always find a way to offer clients more than they are asking for, making their jobs easier.