TransAtlantic Video Depositions

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London Office Tel: +44 20 3290 2566

Legal Video Specialists




Legal Velocity

We will be offering an expedited any format file delivery available for secure download with a password within 24 hrs after the deposition.


Legal Vision

We record an HD master, which is archived after creating any SD format for the client such as MPEG1 MPEG2 or MPEG4 and of course DVD.


Facing up to the Law

Our videographers present each case professionally for the record, noting objections, and exhibits when required. We are happy to sign NDAs and adapt our delivery of captions in any case we are assigned to.


Stenographic Court Reporters

TAVD can also provide court reporting services through our Affiliate association.

Through these liaisons we can provide extremely experienced and proficient Court Reporters with Real Time skills if required.

As well as same-day transcript distribution,  delayed and expedited transcript services can be arranged.

On bigger cases where double or triple tracking is required, we refer our clients through our affiliates as we work closely with several major court reporting firms. Of course if you prefer, we are happy to work with companies with whom you may already have a relaltionship anywhere in Europe or Asia.